Let Abyssmultimedia do the work for you.

Abyssmultimedia studios truly is global in nature, providing the ability for artists to record in their own studio environment with a world class producer. Independent artists especially, will enjoy the personal attention and ease of performance with Steinberg’s VST Connect, an unequaled remote recoding platform.




If you need audio then you need Abyssmultimedia.

  • if your a Singing Student who want to record their first demo CD on a budget. to a backing track that you or we create for you
  • Singers, Musicians & Actors who need a demo CD to present to entertainment agents, venues, promo packs, band applications, and casting agents.
  • Film & Television or Advertising Company  who needs Jingles, Backing music or Radio Chasers
  • Duos / Trios & Internet Artists who want to upgrade their demo CD & web site audio samples.
  • Performing Artists who need audio files recorded, mastered or formatted  to post on their web sites
  • Solo Original Artists who want to record their songs with acoustic instruments or with their own instrumental accompaniment.
  • Anybody who wants to record a song for a special occasion, as a gift for someone special, or just for a fun and exciting experience.





Requirements for internet service :

  • Recording Microphone/s
  • windows  Xp / 7 / 8 or mac computer OSX 10.7 or greater
  • Internet Connection
  • Asio based sound card ( most sound cards can run the free asio for all driver )