We provide comprehensive services to assist in all aspects of your marketing campaign, no matter how large or small.


Looking for the right words ? The Abyss staff can assist you with finding the best way to get your message to the masses.

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Mastering is an art form unto itself. We can take your recording and enhance it so that it can sit beside any other recorded music on the market. Mastering is essential for the aspiring or accomplished artist. now that you have a polished master your ready for pressing or digital distribution through one of the …

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Music Production

You’ll find a wide array of musical styles on these pages. We can also customize existing compositions or create from scratch. Just tell us what your looking for.

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Post Production

Film, stage, television. No matter the venue, we can provide you with the sound-scape to bring your production to life.

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Recording Services

  Let Abyssmultimedia do the work for you. Abyssmultimedia studios truly is global in nature, providing the ability for artists to record in their own studio environment with a world class producer. Independent artists especially, will enjoy the personal attention and ease of performance with Steinberg’s VST Connect, an unequaled remote recoding platform.     …

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Voice Overs

Put a voice to your message. We deliver high quality voice artists with decades of experience to get just the right read.    

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